My name is Doctor Mark Sivieri.

I earned my MD from the Georgetown School of Medicine, and I run the Sivieri Wellness Clinic outside of Washington D.C., where my patients range from politicians and athletes, to housewives and retirees.

About half of my patients have diseases such as fibromyalgia, Lyme, arthritis, and chronic fatigue, and I’ve become their “doctor of last resort” – the one they find after four or five others have given up on them.

And to be honest, that fact concerns me.

Here in America, the richest country in the world, we're supposed to have the best healthcare in the world too, right?

Sadly, many Americans are paying more than ever for their healthcare, while their level of care plummets. Doctors spend more time than ever on paperwork, and everyone loses.

I'm not a politician, and I don't pretend to have an answer to our health insurance crisis, but I do know one thing, and I suspect you already know it too:

Americans Are Sicker Than Ever Before.

And the real culprit is even more devious than I could have imagined.

Over the last fifteen years, I began to notice the change in my patients.

Sick Big Guy

More and more of them were telling me that their aches and pains wouldn’t go away.

They were always tired, groggy, and increasingly, depressed.

And of course, I saw rates of obesity and diabetes begin to skyrocket.

I hated seeing it happen… and it made me wonder...

Why was this happening?

It was strange to see this all happen over the course of a generation… and across generations.

I’d see the same conditions in eight year olds, and fifty-eight year olds. It felt as if there was...

A Great American Epidemic?

...A lethargy… some sort of invisible, creeping “sick state” that was slowing our great people down... from the inside, out.

And frankly, the medicine I learned at Georgetown didn’t have the answers…

…just as traditional medicine didn’t have the answers for me.

Sick Child

You see, I was a competitive Track and Field Runner in high school, and by junior year, the Ivy League colleges were competing to offer me scholarships…


…until an inflammatory hip injury forced me off the track.

Doctors and physical therapists were no help… not even the lead orthopedic surgeon for the Philadelphia 76’s, an arrogant man who put me on crutches for six weeks, and had no further advice when I came back in even worse pain.

In a total state of despair, I took a chance on a chiropractor. And boy… am I glad I did.

In one short, life-changing session, he discovered that my left leg was longer than my right, and made a spinal adjustment that immediately relieved my pain and got me running again… right in front of his office!

Tears of gratitude began to overwhelm me, and in that moment, my life’s purpose was revealed to me:

I would study medicine, and become the doctor of last resort for those who felt the same sense of hopelessness and despair that I'd felt until that very moment.

With my running career back on track, I received a scholarship to Georgetown, and immediately enrolled in their pre-medical program. And while I wanted to pursue chiropractic medicine, my mother insisted that I get an MD.

“It’s the toughest degree you can get,” she told me, “but you’ll be equipped to help the most people.”

Yet as the first semester went on, I realized that Georgetown’s curriculum – while rigorous – was merely a first step.

The Medicine I was Learning At Georgetown Was NOT Going To Help Me

Fortunately, a new website called "Google" had just launched, and I soon discovered a wealth of knowledge at my fingertips…

cutting edge research papers and journals that were not part of the standard MD curriculum.

Driven by an overwhelming sense of purpose to be a better doctor than those who failed me, I dove in head first, and certain trends soon began to make themselves clear. I kept coming across the same words…






This last one showed up everywhere. I found mountains of evidence that chronic inflammation was the root cause of many of the conditions that we were studying in class.

...and not just that, but it was also a leading culprit in degenerative conditions like arthritis, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes1.

Many even said that inflammation was to blame for the skyrocketing rates of allergies and asthma that our children are struggling with2.

In fact, a shocking new consensus has now emerged in the medical community:

Chronic Inflammation is at the root of most of the health care problems in our great country.

It targets the immune system, which is the master switch for your energy, mood and health… every moment of every day3.

For example, Dr. Don Colbert, bestselling author of “Let Food Be Your Medicine,” wrote...

“Heart disease is hidden in more than half of adults over the age of thirty five. About half of the people who have heart attacks have normal cholesterol levels. The root cause of heart diseases is not high cholesterol, but inflammation4.”

You see, when your arteries are running thick with the industrial toxins I’m going to tell you about, your immune system sends in little “attack proteins,” which form a hardened plaque around the toxins.


Combine that hardened plaque with what I call “sticky blood,” and you have a recipe for clots. This is why Doctors often prescribe Aspirin - an anti-inflammatory blood thinner - to people who are at risk of cardiovascular diseases.

The problem is that Aspirin, and other anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen, Singulair, Celebrex and Mobic, only target some of the inflammatory pathways in the body, so while they can bring targeted relief, they don’t solve the problem at its root.

The immune system is still malfunctioning, chronic inflammation still rages, and patients are still unwell.

And It Goes Beyond Heart Disease.

Dr. Floyd Chilton, of the Wake Forest School of Medicine, wrote...

“inflammation is a major driving force behind type 2 diabetes and dementia. In fact, inflammation may play a major role in the category of ailments and diseases we have previously called ‘aging’5.

He goes on to say that…

“One of the things that strikes me whenever I’m in a room with a group of inflammatory disease sufferers is how much of their conversation deals not with their diseases, but with managing the side effects of their medications."

And while I’m just as likely as anyone to reach for a bottle of ibuprofen when I have a pounding headache, I counsel my patients to use these painkillers extremely sparingly.

In a clinical study, Dr. Gareth R. Davies discovered that up to 65% of people who regularly take these sorts of medications can develop inflammation in their intestines – also known as leaky gut - which can quickly lead to arthritis in any and every joint in your body6.


It soon became clear to me: chronic inflammation was the smoking gun behind many of the conditions that were affecting millions of Americans.

So it made me wonder: what’s behind the catastrophic spread of chronic inflammation?

This Is Where Things Began To Get A Little Strange.

You see, while healthcare costs more than ever before in America, food costs less than ever before.

Some say it’s the miracle of the times, yet I’ve become quite cynical about it all.

Because as my research led me deeper, I came to a horrifying realization:

Our industrial-age diets and environments are the root cause of not just chronic inflammation, lethargy, and weight gain, but also... many of our country’s most expensive, dreaded diseases7.

Big Food Companies

Many of the Big Food companies are in-the-know, yet in the name of lower costs and higher profits, they keep pumping out delicious food to supermarkets and restaurants, and our poor brains are no match for the addictive cocktail of fats, sugars, salts and industrial chemicals that are engineered into our diets.

And even worse, many of the so-called “health foods” that every doctor and well-meaning magazine have been telling you to eat are chock full of toxins that set the cells of your body on fire.

With this knowledge in hand, I began to make changes to my diet and supplementation routine, and noticed immediate results, starting with the sub-four-minute-mile that I ran!

In 1996, I nearly qualified for the USA Olympic team… I missed it by less than 2 seconds!

Undeterred, I continued to train for the 2000 Olympics through medical school, and Reebok even began sponsoring me.


Needless to say, I became very passionate about what these supplements had done for me… but little did I know that I had stumbled upon one of the great health breakthroughs of our time.

Brain Power

By providing strategic support to my immune system, I was fixing the master switch for my health, energy, mobility, and how I felt each and every day.

After getting my MD at Georgetown, I moved to Arizona, where I became the Chief Resident at the University of Arizona Family Practice Medical Program.

There, I practiced traditional medicine – delivering hundreds of babies, assisting with surgeries, and becoming the trusted counselor for hundreds of families.

And while I was practicing “traditional” medicine, I also began to advise my patients on a broader range of health issues, and advocate some of the same life-changing compounds I was consuming.

Soon, patients started to tell me that they were experiencing real relief from their occasional aches and pains... waking up alive and vibrant, and full of boundless energy without coffee.

It made me so happy to see them enjoying each and every precious day of their lives.

But I knew that even with all of the healthy changes I’d suggest, my patients were still exposing themselves to dozens of pro-inflammatory chemicals, each and every day.

Speaking of which, let me tell you about the first so-called “health food” that can skyrocket your inflammatory response…